Work work busy busy chop chop

D’you remember how I said that I’d got ahead of my OU timetable?

Well I did.

Now I’m behind and need to submit my TMA in under twoweeks and I’ve done jack shit.  Can I borrow a time machine or could someone clone me so that I can get it finished in time?  Please.

No?  OK.  In that case I shall curse you with a picture of the new patch cabinet that I’m buying and have to go to Uckfield to take delivery of on Saturday morning.  Saturday morning mind!  A day when I should be sleeping, spending quality time with The Hildy to keep our relationship vibrant and shopping for Mother’s Day pressies.  Instead I’m sitting in an empty office with a car full of cable boxes and equipment running a cable plant and waiting for a delivery.


Have I mentioned that my TMA is due in two weeks?


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14 responses to “Work work busy busy chop chop

  1. while you’re in Uckfield, could you pick me up a chair that i really like but can”t collect?! 😉

  2. Babyface, apparently Lewes is the place for furniture. Uckfield isn’t nearly as good. Or so I’ve been told anyway.

    I’d love to get your chair for you. I really would but I’m just so busy donchaknow. So much to do. Besides which, how would you collect it when I took it home? I’d sit in it and the cushion would change shape to conform the the curve of my buttocks and not yours. Then it’d be all uncomfy for you. No! I better not. It’s best if you just get them to deliver.

  3. Amy

    Could we handle two of you as opposed to just one giant frog?!

  4. Wow Ames two of me. Two Magnificent Frogs. Think of the possibilities. think of the mischief. Why stop at two though. Why not have a Magnificent Frog in every home.

    Thank you. In the future when people ask me how my plan for world domination first came to me I shall point to you and say “Amy of the East put the idea into my mind. You can blame her.”


  5. well it was on EBay… and it was collection only 😦


    if i knew anything about what you were studying, i’d offer to help out… but i don’t and my brain is tired xx

  6. Amy

    Ooh it could be like in ‘I,Robot’ but with Frogs instead..would you bake for me? Do my washing and ironing? Bring me my bag if I forget to take it to work?

    I fear I may be being a scape goat here..well it won’t stand in a court of it won’t I tell you!!

    I like you over seem fluffier so my little brain can cope with subject content!!

  7. Jason

    I bet the stuff to go in the shiny new cabinet is more important/expensive!
    Just hope you’re not doing the cabling yourself!

  8. Ms Pink Face, rest that weary brain of yours. You don;t want to burn it out.

    Amy, I’d sit around drinking beer. Is that want you want? I’m not fluffy. I’m gruff. See! *puff out chest” Grr!

    Jason, as a matter of fact I am. I’ll have you know that it’s great fun but very tiring. You’re dead right about the contents though. Lots more expensive.

  9. Amy

    Hmm you’d be fairly useless then. I am sure you’ll be very gruff when I see in may time. Practice that puffing out of the chest.

  10. Jason

    Eep, I sympathise in that case! May you have titanium fingers!

  11. i wouldn’t mind but it’s not like i’ve been doing anything with it!!

    ps. have you heard from Chloe today? I got a text from her last night xx

  12. Amy of the East, I shall be so gruff that you will mistake me for a troll or other bridge dweller.

    Jason, titanium crumples in my hands like really flimpy paper. I bet I’m still bleeding from them on Monday morning though.

    Pinkyfier, just leave it at home today. I got a text as well but didn’t see it till this morning. I’m hoping all is well but I’ll ring her later if there’s no news. Let me know if you hear anything.

  13. Amy

    I shall be sure to be terrified then..oh yes..

  14. misscasualty

    Magnificent you truly are.

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