Daily Archives: 14 March 2007

Work work busy busy chop chop

D’you remember how I said that I’d got ahead of my OU timetable?

Well I did.

Now I’m behind and need to submit my TMA in under twoweeks and I’ve done jack shit.  Can I borrow a time machine or could someone clone me so that I can get it finished in time?  Please.

No?  OK.  In that case I shall curse you with a picture of the new patch cabinet that I’m buying and have to go to Uckfield to take delivery of on Saturday morning.  Saturday morning mind!  A day when I should be sleeping, spending quality time with The Hildy to keep our relationship vibrant and shopping for Mother’s Day pressies.  Instead I’m sitting in an empty office with a car full of cable boxes and equipment running a cable plant and waiting for a delivery.


Have I mentioned that my TMA is due in two weeks?


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