Away with the fairies

Looky here.  It’s my other blog.

Hopefully I’ll be stopping for a drink at the Grand Central in Brighton (near the train station) on Thursday evening.  I’m hoping that Chloe will update and arrange blinkage but you never can tell.  She’s a woman with her own mind, after all.

Ta ta for now goodle people.


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8 responses to “Away with the fairies

  1. amylibby

    Touting all your blogs out now are we Monsieur Froggy?!

  2. Katja

    Bah. I shall be in Northamptonshire. Have a wonderful evening, though, and give the beautiful Chloe a big kiss from me.

  3. Libertarian, pimping would be a better word. You have a cat now but no link. What’s going on?

    Glamourous Thesp, I insist that you abandon Nothamptonshire and come to Brighton to kiss Chloe yourself. She is eminently kissable and failure to travel a quarter way across the country will mean that you will miss out. Missed kisses are the very worse sort.

  4. Katja

    M’sieur Grenouille, you are the worst sort of tempter. I would very much love to come and kiss Chloe, but sadly it will have to wait for another time. It’s probably for the best – it all got very emotional when I saw her the other night and we English can’t cope with too much lip-wobbling.

  5. Amy

    Oh I realised what I was doing wrong so changed it but have now delted my blog anyways (you know I don’t like to stay too long)

  6. No no no, my most adorable Oscar nominee in my head, lip wobbling is strictly limited. I actually think it’s the only thing in England that is still rationed.

    Little Miss I’m here and now I’m not, that’s all very well but what about your P27 blog? That seems to have gone as well….or have you simply changed it’s name or something?

  7. Amy

    They have all gone! I am blog free!

  8. oh i wish i could be there…. although i might be in Brighton in April for Chloe’s Birthday

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