Working from home

I’m working from home today because The Hildy is going to a Mind Control Seminar* and won’t be here to pick the kids up when they finish school.

The main advantage of working from home is the absence of annoying distractions like the telephone ringing.  I know sales people have a job to do but I really don’t want to talk to them right when I’m in the middle of debugging a LotusScript agent that is supposed to be automatically allocating a field operative based on training and preferred working hours. 

Another advantage is that I can sit on my sofa in my dressing gown, leaving it open if I so desire, and drink all the tea I like while listening to the loudest music I want to.  I can even sing along.

Oh yeah.  Working from home is great.

Forgetting not to shut the front door properly, having the postman knock and the door swing open.  That’s not so great.  Still, it’s my house and if I want to let it all hang out then I can.

I’m off to soak in the bath for a bit.  See ya later.

*Possibly a Mental Health Seminar.


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25 responses to “Working from home

  1. Sioned

    Weeee… I LOVE working from home.. I do it everyday, which, I must admit, can get a little lonely, but I still love it. The Angel and I are still in out jim jams, but then again, it is only 7:52am here. How is it there, in the future where you are?

  2. It’s futuristic of course. All our clothes are made from a silver alloy and we travel about in personal rocket packs.

  3. Amy

    And as you don’t double post, you drag me over here again! Pah is what I say to you. Pah!

    Anyways! Hope you’re enjoying your day at home “working”. If only i had a job where I could work from home. Ah that’d be the life..spedning the whole day in my jammies and dressing gown! Hurrah!

  4. “The main advantage of working from home is the absence of annoying distractions like the telephone ringing.”

    What about the bath? Or Jeremy Kyle? Or going back to bed?

    I wish I was working from home! Mainly because I left my important notepad on the dining table this morning! Meh

  5. mind control?! coooooooooooooooool…even if it’s not mind control, it sounds good to say that it is!!

    i don’t think i’d actually owkr if i worked from home…. but then i don’t really work from work either!!

  6. Sioned

    OOOoooo.. I want an outfit like that! Damn being in the past! All we have here is yellow leisure suits, martinis and Frank Sinatra music!

  7. Amy, yeah and i’m going to start a Vox blog and a Blogger blog and drag you all over t’Internet till you cry real tears. So nerr!

    I don’t turn the telly on, Right Stander, mainly because I would spend all day shouting at Jeremy Kyle. If you worked from home your important notepad would be a mere step away but you’d miss your train friends.

    Jellybellylaugh, you work hard sometimes. I’ve seen the lack of blogging to prove it. The Hildy may be on a mind control course. She certainly knows how to control me.

    Michelle, Frank Sinatra is considered cool and retro in the future. Having said that, so are Take That and we all know how they ended up. Fat and bloated in a retirement home for former stars, dribbling down their beards and smelling of wee. That was only 2007, they’re much worse now.

  8. amylibby

    A ha! I now have a wordpress blog! In your face Froggy! And I have a vox blog too..beat you to it! Ahem..

  9. amylibby

    A ha! I now have a wordpress blog! And I’ve already got a VOX blog..beat you to it so nerr to you too! Ahem..

  10. amylibby didn’t post first time can delete one of those comments!

  11. i have my days, but the blogs just call to me!

  12. Amy, you need to log in. Otherwie your link doesn’t show up.

    Jellybellyface, like the wild. Or pizza.

  13. amylibby

    I am logged in..wordpress just hates me! 😥

  14. pizza doesn’t call to me.. i’m not too keen!

    although the wild does!! just ask the Boy… he has teeth marks on his bum!! hehe

  15. Amy, maybe you have to leave it a little while. I don’t know.

    Flushedface, teeth marks or bunk up badges?

  16. amylibby

    And I uploaded an avatar but that hasn’t come up yet either.Poo!

  17. how rude!!! lol….actual teeth marks! *eek*

  18. Amy, oh dear. WordPress is rejecting you.

    JelloVampire, sounds painful. I hope you didn’t draw blood.

  19. Amy

    Indeed it is..I can’t be where all the cool kids are now!

  20. Vampish babe, not blood? But then you must….*gasp*
    *covers eyes and ears in shock*

    Oh my!

    Amy, ah you’re logged in but still no avatar. I suspect it’s only a matter of time now,

  21. Amy

    No it’s not working properly..I’ve just input all my details.

  22. Now you’ve bleeding deleted it. What’s going on?

  23. i think she decided that it wasn’t the best thing to do…

  24. Is this more history again? I think I’ll just stay clear and act as if I haven’t a clue what’s going on. It’s served me well to date and I’m sure it will serve me well in the future.

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