Daily Archives: 5 March 2007

Working from home

I’m working from home today because The Hildy is going to a Mind Control Seminar* and won’t be here to pick the kids up when they finish school.

The main advantage of working from home is the absence of annoying distractions like the telephone ringing.  I know sales people have a job to do but I really don’t want to talk to them right when I’m in the middle of debugging a LotusScript agent that is supposed to be automatically allocating a field operative based on training and preferred working hours. 

Another advantage is that I can sit on my sofa in my dressing gown, leaving it open if I so desire, and drink all the tea I like while listening to the loudest music I want to.  I can even sing along.

Oh yeah.  Working from home is great.

Forgetting not to shut the front door properly, having the postman knock and the door swing open.  That’s not so great.  Still, it’s my house and if I want to let it all hang out then I can.

I’m off to soak in the bath for a bit.  See ya later.

*Possibly a Mental Health Seminar.


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