Visit to the Bright Town

On Thursday I have to go and work in Brighton…actually 15 miles away in Uckfield but no-one has ever heard of Uckfield so I’m going to say Brighton.  I’m getting the train to Brighton anyway and then a taxi to Uckfield.

Funny things about Uckfield:

  • Uck rhymes with duck and fuck.
  • It really is a field.
  • Tiny Tasha reminded me to take my welly boots if I was going to Uckfield because it might be muddy.

Currently I don’t know when the meeting starts or what time I’m going to finish but I fully intend to give the lovely Chloe a cuddle while I’m there.  I haven’t seen her for ages and I’m really hoping that she’ll spare me a hug or two.  People just don’t hug often enough.

If she’s busy on Thursday then I may just make a placard and follow in the footsteps of Juan Mann and damn the law.

Anyone want to meet me for a hug?


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19 responses to “Visit to the Bright Town

  1. HUGS!!!! and BEER!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Crumbs Chloe, you were up late.
    *does a froggy dance of joy”

  3. i wish i live in Brighton 😦

  4. Is that supposed to be “lived”. Come on. Visit. It’s just down the road.

  5. they Boy and i have said that once the weather is nicer we will pay a visit as it’s only about 30 mins on the train!

    So when the weather is nicer we’ll have to sort something out!! bloggers on the South coast!!!

  6. Half an hour. My commute to work is longer than that. I’ll be going to Uckfield semi regularly over the next 6 months which would be great for a meet up.
    Wooo, I might actually get to meet the fabled Pink Jelly Baby.

  7. monday monday monday are you around or can you get to london on monday?

    SHG and me and Chintzy and Kat and BlueSoup and and and and …you HAVE to be there

  8. Jellyface, Chloe told me all about London Loves on Monday but sadly it is The Hildy’s birthday and, as much as I want to meet you for drinks and hugs, I value my testicles too much.

  9. Amy

    And why is everyone coming over to wordpress?! Hmmm?! Just touting yourself out to all these different blog sites..honestly Monsiuer Frog!

  10. awww i hope the Hildy has a lovely Birthday! 🙂 but we will for sure get to see a froggy face in Brighton in the summer 🙂

  11. Amy, hello miss, what are you doing over here? Get back in your box immediately. You’ve clearly rumbled my plan to have a blog on every platform in the universe. That was I can use my knowledge of different platforms to go back to 20six and slag them off. Yes, that’s right. It’s all about me being vindictive. For I am a very bad frog.

    Pinkyface, she will. Assuming I get round to buying her a pressie. Do you think I’d get away with typing a bow around my naked manhood? Not too tight of course.

  12. i’m not sure you will if i’m honest!

  13. how about a bow and a really fancy hat?

    With a feather in?

  14. it’s getting better…. how about cooking her a nice meal?

  15. Sounds like a plan. Naked cookery and then she can use me as the plate. I’d better not cook anything too hot.

  16. jsut don’t get any chillies ‘down there’

  17. It brings a tear to my eye just to think about it.

  18. Miss Pinky is such a cutie. I will take a lovely photo of us and send it to you BlackBerry, Mr Frog!

  19. I’ve seen bits of Pinky face in pictures but never the whole thing.

    Good grief! How open to interpretation is that. I’m leaving my perfectly innocent meaning comment in just for the extra shock value.

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