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Visit to the Bright Town

On Thursday I have to go and work in Brighton…actually 15 miles away in Uckfield but no-one has ever heard of Uckfield so I’m going to say Brighton.  I’m getting the train to Brighton anyway and then a taxi to Uckfield.

Funny things about Uckfield:

  • Uck rhymes with duck and fuck.
  • It really is a field.
  • Tiny Tasha reminded me to take my welly boots if I was going to Uckfield because it might be muddy.

Currently I don’t know when the meeting starts or what time I’m going to finish but I fully intend to give the lovely Chloe a cuddle while I’m there.  I haven’t seen her for ages and I’m really hoping that she’ll spare me a hug or two.  People just don’t hug often enough.

If she’s busy on Thursday then I may just make a placard and follow in the footsteps of Juan Mann and damn the law.

Anyone want to meet me for a hug?


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