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Bloody Hell

I am uncertain as to the cause of my current ailment.  It is possible that the recent assault suffered by my head may be responsible, it may be the significant amounts of caffeine that I have recently been enjoying, or it may be that work is finally beginning to cause me some small amount of stress.

Whatever the cause though I seem to be suffering from excessive loss of vital blood reserves through my nasal cavities.  A most unpleasant occurrence I think you will concur.

As a humble youth, barely out of my tadpole training tail, I suffered from regular nosebleeds.  It wasn’t until I reached the grand old age of 18 years that they stopped.   This coincided with the first time I gave blood and I often wondered if there was some link between the two.  I last gave blood before Christmas so I’m not due till the end of March or beginning of April. 

Maybe I should just keep my finger out of my nose?

Curiously I was always advised to lean forward and pinch the bridge of my nose rather than lean back.  The explanation for this was that swallowing copious amounts of blood can cause the gag reflex and there is already enough mess to clear up from a nose bleed without adding vomit with the consistency of strawberry jam to the equation.

Now that I’ve revolted you please leave a comment.  Be kind.  You may have noticed that I am a particularly fragile flower of a man today.  Only in a good way.


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