There is a gang of bored chavs who hang around in the car park of the local Aldi.  Their favourite activity is to yell abuse at passers by.  I consider them an irritant and wonder why they don’t spend their time doing something a bit more constructive.

Anyway, I went out to a birthday drink yesterday after work and was on my way from saud drink to the train station at about 9:30 when the rowdy gang started yelling at this bloke in front of me from across the road and then me as I passed.  Not to be outdone I decided that I would join in the fun game and return their abuse with a few choice hand signals.  There is something about these people that annoys me.  Only in a gang of a half dozen or more are they able to get away with what is essentially anti-social behaviour.

I passed the group and was 100 yards down the road when I was suddenly jumped on from behind and punched and kicked.  I remember sinking my teeth into the leg of one of my attackers and hearing him yell in pain.  The whole thing was probably over in a few seconds because the police arrived and the gang ran off.  The police called an ambulance and they insisted I go to hospital to get checked out.  Probably because my memories of the actual attack are so sparse and the injuries are mainly about my head.  I couldn’t identify my attackers because I didn’t really pay much attention to them.  If I’d known they were going to jump me I’d have commited their faces to memory, but I didn’t.  Instead of getting home safely at 10pm I finally got home at 2am.  Poor Hildy was very worried.

I am left with minor injuries: a few cuts and bruises, two black eyes, some aching ribs, a foot print on my side, and a very swollen nose.  I’m also very angry.  It has taken me back to my school days in Reading where I would be jumped and attacked on a regular basis for no reason at all.  I always fought back but I never really won.  It isn’t a fight when you have six to one odds, it’s a kicking.  And that’s what I got on Friday.



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10 responses to “Kicking

  1. Yikes, Mr F. I’m glad to hear you’re not too badly hurt. Little shits.

  2. Thanks Katja. I ache a bit today but feel OK really.

  3. Sorry to hear it Frog, what a bunch of bastards indeed. I am most pissed to hear about this, we have the likes of them here too, it’s ridiculous and their is so little done to stop them hanging around causing trouble, glad you’re not badly hurt.

  4. Cheers Pete, I have a very silly looking black eye now. It looks like I’ve drawn it on with a marker pen. I haven’t though. That would be silly.

  5. Fabulous

    Cant believe it.. what little bar stwards.. I think a little community centre for these hangerbouters is needed.

    You totally did draw it on didnt you. You wanted to be a piarate.

  6. Fabulous, I do want to be a pirate. It’s true. However I would only poke my eye out with the marker if I tried to draw it on. I’ve learnt my lesson where that’s concerned.

  7. Poor you. The nasty little buggers. “I remember sinking my teeth into the leg of one of the attackers..” – at least you gave them some pain too.

  8. oh the fucking arse bags 😦

  9. Oink

    The spineless little jailbait fuckers. I’m glad you’re okay.

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