Absolutely nothing to say

I know.  New blog.  I’ve got the whole OU study theme going.  Still, nothing to say. 

See all, hear all, say nowtI’ve not touched my course materials due to the level of work that I have at work (obviously), I’ve barely blogged (sorry) and the kids think I’ve left home and just pop in to wake them up in the mornings.

Still, I’ve nowt to say.

Oh. Wait!

I do have one thing.

My new project at work uses a gingerbread man army as the icon for the field force database and a green eye for main product database.  It’s only a handful of people who see this so it can be anything.  The complaints database has a Klingon Battle Cruiser as the icon.  I know.  Nerd.

What shall I use for the client database?  What about when I put the two web systems in place?

That’s three icons.  Suggestions please. 32 by 32 pixels in 16 colours.


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6 responses to “Absolutely nothing to say

  1. Your hitting the same problem I did. Work seemed to ramp up at the same time as I needed to put in more effort on my course work. hang in there dude.

    For the database, hmmm, let me see, maybe Marvin or Big Blue.
    And for the two web systems… one could be Superman, the other the Silver Surfer !!! Both kind of ‘WEB’ based…
    Couldn’t find any matching icons though.

  2. I’ve found a couple of pic’s that I’ve iconized… (is that a REAL word ??)
    What’s ya’ email address ???

  3. Thanks BP, I your icons and may just use them. Some damn fool went and nicknamed the system Sherlock though so it’s got a bloody theme now.

  4. Sherlock indeed 🙂

    I would suggest a Hogwarts badge….but then I am biased somewhat 🙂

  5. The Slytherin serpent would be great. I’ve actually put a picture of Jeremy Brett in as the icon for the main web database. Thats all I’ve done mind but at least it’s started.

  6. That picture *points at the post* is doing my head in. Every time I think I’ve worked out which arms belong to who, I realise it’s all wrong. Brilliant.

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