Work\Study\Life balance

As I am not or “independently wealthy” I need to work for a living.

As I enjoy learning, wish to improve myself and my career options I need to study.

As I have a loving girlfriend, three daughters and a son who I want to have around I need to spend some time with them.

“How do I manage this feat of time management?”, I hear you cry.

Well, quite often I don’t.  At the moment I’m making some repairs to my house that take a lot of time.  Changing light fittings, switches and sockets is fairly straightforward but it is time consuming.  Plus the company I work for are buying this other firm so I’ve got the fun of developing the systems for them.  So OU study has taken a back seat for the last week or two. 

It’s a good thing I took the time to get ahead.

I tend to spend a week solidly working on OU stuff in the evenings after the kids are in bed and then do nothing for another week.  This is probably not as effective as spending an hour each day going through the course materials but sometimes the kids want cuddles or Hil wants a snog.  Frankly, if I have to choose I’ll spend time being a good father or boyfriend rather than getting even cleverer than I am now.


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4 responses to “Work\Study\Life balance

  1. That’s partly why I ended up jacking in the OU… it all got too overwhelming. My other half, Mrs P, did her BA and her PGCE with the OU. I’m not sure how she got her hed around it really.

  2. In recent years I’ve cut back to 30 point courses rather than trying to do 60 points. It may take me 900 years to get this particular degree but at least I can still have a social life.

  3. emilywriting

    Be a good father and boyfriend while becoming more clever. I bet your kids would love to learn something with you (and the girlfriend’s a teacher? Did I read that correctly, or am I misremembering?) and the same goes w/ the girlfriend. Educators love to learn!

    Finding something to learn together is the hard part.

    While I’m here, I wanted to ask if you’d mind changing your blogroll link for my listing? I’m hosting wordpress on my own site now, and I’ll stop updating the current link before long. The new one is

  4. Emily, The Hildy works with children and their parents getting them back to school and keeping them engaged with the teachers. I think that she’d actually hate teaching given the restrictions that they face these days.

    We’re also very different people with mot of my courses being IT based and hers based on the Social Sciences although we both enjoy English Literature.

    As for your URL, your wish is my command. How is the self hosting going. I was thinking of it myself but am probably too lazy to go through the hasle of setting it up.

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