Swotty swot swot

Officially my OU course doesn’t start until tomorrow. Would it be really swotty to say that I’ve completed TMA 01 already?

I need to get ahead, you see. My brother, Adam, is visiting this weekend with his girlfriend, Tracy, and their baby, Jessica.  We’re paying a visit to my mother’s grave.  What fun!  The following weekend is filled with kids parties. The weekend after that we’re celebrating Cait’s birthday with a movie night, courtesy of the projector from work, and a day of bowling and eating till we burst.

TMA01 is due on the 15th February.

I’m still a geeky swot aren’t I?

Grandpa in The Princess Bride

When I was your age, television was called books


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7 responses to “Swotty swot swot

  1. Fabulous

    Oh that picture was taken from that movie wasnt it. Oh whats it called. With the little people in it.. and that boy from wonder years.

  2. Thanks Spaniel.

    Fab, The Princess Bride. The quote is from the same film and was delivered in typical Peter Falk style.

  3. Oh my goodness, froggy – I thought I as being swotty jsut for starting mine a fortnight early. One finished TMA makes you a superswot. Well done!

  4. I’m going to recheck it though. Just in case I’ve made some glaring errors. The first one is always the easiest one. At least I find the course team like to ease people in to a course rather than shock them into leaving.

  5. Fabulous

    oh i love that movie even though its complete cheese it is dead good.

  6. Cheese? I don’t know what you mean. 😉

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