Daily Archives: 12 January 2007


  • I was tired and grumpy from a hard day at work
  • The magic dinner fairy had failed utterly to prepare a delicious evening repast for me
  • The house was a mess from my son and daughters who clutter the place up with “things”. 
  • I had been sent a very abrupt text message informing me that certain items were required from the shops and could I please collect them on the way home. 
  • My train home was late
  • My hair had been blown about so much that I looked like a particularly scruffy scarecrow
  • My working day had been interesting but not fun.

These things all made me yearn for the comforts of my sofa and the snuggles of my lady love.

However, The Hildy, decided to discuss important issues with me last night.  She’s on a contract with the council to provide local schools with parental support so that certain pupils have the help they need to attend school….basically she gets to kick crappy parents up the arse and help them with their problems so that they actually act like parents and take their kids to school.  Anyway, the contract ends in 18 months or so so she is planning her next move.

She’s a smart cookie, my Hildy, not one who is prone to just going with the flow like yours truly.  She announced that she would be volunteering to help youths and teens in a local crisis centre for 6 hours a week.

Obviously I support her in her path of do goodery but I really don’t understand how she can bare to be around people that much.  I can barely tolerate myself for most of the day.

Could you give up your free time to help others? Or, like me, do you just stare, slack jawed, at those who have this much charity in their hearts.


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