Daily Archives: 11 January 2007

Just saying “Why?”

Righty oh, I’m a former 20sixer who hated the change of platform and the loss of such goodies as comment tracking, team blogs and fun.  I went over the the excellent but dinky Platform 27 which is my more or less permanent home now.  I mean I know everyone and it’s comfy.  It’s just a bit quiet at the moment.

So, along comes my old chum Chloe, the greatest head girl of Slytherin House ever to grace the hallowed halls of Hogwarts, former work pal and winner of the “Best Coffee in the World” award 2002.  She also ditched 20six in favour of a better home for her words of wisdom and decided to try on the spiffy wordpress. 

Then there’s that adorable PinkJellyBaby (another 20sixer) who’s been running around trying on blogs and making a general kerfuffle with all the decoration.

There’s a few others lurking around but I’ve really lost track.  Must do better.  Isn’t that always the case.

Well, obviously I want to comment on their blogs so I really have no choice but to join in the fun.

Anyway I intend to use this blog to record some of my keen observations regarding the nature of human interactions plus some notes on my OU course (MT262) which starts in a week.


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