Places I’ve Lived

Having been busy last week laying laminate flooring I missed out on the Thursday Thirteen.  I did mean to post this last week following on from a few comments I’ve had about moving around a lot and living in different places.

Anyway. Thirteen Places that I’ve lived, in order with duplicates omitted.

  1. Limavady, Londonderry
    The place where I was born.
  2. Akrotiri Bay, Cyprus
    The place where my brother was born.
  3. Peterborough, Norfolk
    A brief stay after the Old Man left the Army
  4. Liss, Hampshire
    Training for the Old Man int he pub trade
  5. Southampton, Hampshire
    Their first pub
  6. Aldershot, Hampshire
    An OK place to live especially if you don;t mind squaddies.
  7. Littlemore, Oxford
    A very pleasant town
  8. Farnham, Hampshire
    I was trapped on a council estate so my opinion of Farnham is not that high.
  9. Reading, Berkshire
    A shit hole.  A violent, unpleasant, soul destroying place.  Sorry Diva.
  10. Bordon, Hampshire
    Possible the armpit of the country.
  11. Havant, Hampshire
    I’ve had five different addresses in Havant and possibly a sixth next year.
  12. Cardiff, South Glamorgan
    I loved Cardiff.  I went to uni there and had the best time ever.  I was in halls in Penarth and then rented in Roath.
  13. Portsmouth, Hampshire
    A strange place.  Very busy with wildly differing social groups depending on where you live in the city.  It’s damn crowded.  I lived in Copnor and Southsea and it’s like living in two different countries rather than the same city.

There you go.  I don’t think I’ve missed any.  Have you lived anywhere near me?


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