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Thursday Thirteen

Thursday ThirteenIf any former 20sixers remember Enigma then you may have followed him Blogger and seen his Thursday Thirteen Blogroll entries.  Well I liked them but he’s deleted them now.

Thursday Thirteen is a meme with one purpose:  to get to know bloggers better. Thirteen secrets they’ve never shared before, Thirteen random things about themselves or their lives that give the reader a better idea of who they are.

So I’m in a sharing mood today so here is my Thursday Thirteen:

Thirteen Things that I believe in

  1. “Why?” should be the first question that you teach your children.
  2. Karma.  I should clarify this.  I don’t believe in the westernised idea of Karma where a person gets a good or a bad deed coming back to them.  I believe that when you do something good then people appreciate it and will do good things as a result.  This has an overall effect of making people perform good acts which makes everyone’s life better.  It works in reverse as well.
  3. The power of debate.  If there is no debate then how will I ever understand my enemy.  I don’t need to agree with my enemy to understand him, I just need to see his point of view.  I believe that there is no argument that cannot be overcome through debate.
  4. Logic is the beginning of wisdom.
  5. A government should serve the interests of the people.
  6. A smile is a great gift to give someone.  It’s free and contagious.
  7. The most heinous and the most cruel crimes of which history has record have been committed under the cover of religion or equally noble motives.
  8. We change the world in small steps and not in leaps and bounds.  Or as Ghandi put it “In a gentle way, you can shake the world. “
  9. If you think that an order is wrong then you should question it and if the explanation is flawed then you should defy it.
  10. Some sins are not wrong.
  11. History teaches us that people make mistakes.  If we learn anything from history it is that many of these mistakes should never be repeated.
  12. A little suffering is good for the soul.
  13. Sarcasm.

There you go.  This was a little more serious than I originally intended but there you go.

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